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Noise Instruments

Noise Instruments

Detailed Description

Product/Service Details: The Norsonic Nor848A sets a new standard for acoustical cameras. The large number of mems microphones eliminates the problems of ghost-spots, compared to traditional acoustical cameras with pre-polarised microphones where the relatively low number of microphones increases the side lobe effect, resulting in the so called ghost-spot effect.

The Nor848A software is extremely intuitive and easy to use because of the powerful software. Just after a few minutes of training, the user is able to operate the system and do real measurements and sound source location.

Three camera frontends are available. A 0.4 m array with 128 microphones, a 1 meter array holding 256 microphones and a 1.6 meter array with 384 microphones! The system enables the user to perform noise analysis with a clear view of the spatial distribution of the sound in real time! The system is easy to set up in the field. Just power the self-contained unit from mains or battery and connect the LAN cable to the computer. The system is ready to measure in just a few minutes after entering the site.

Especially the 0.4 m array is very portable and even easy to travel in your handluggage when flying.

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Tranby Norway
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23 December 2013
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